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Private Ryan Podcast

As we are prepping for Press Play Fort Lauderdale I decided to just run through some tracks from the top of my head. This one is definitely to Press Play and enjoy!!

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It's been a long time since the last Press Play. This is a Frsh drop for you to enjoy with all kinds of music in the mix. Press Play and enjoy!

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All the best Soca 2024 hits all in one mix. The cure for Post Carnival Depression. Enjoy!

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Your last chance to gert familair with most of the releases in rotation right now for Trinidad carnival 2024. Enjoy the 2024 soca!!

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A very short Trinidad Carnival season is ahead so there is a limited time span to learn the music. Soca Starter 2024 is out now featuring 2 hours of the first batch of songs you need to get familiar with.


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