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Private Ryan Podcast
Private Ryan Presents BODYHEAT 3 The Fist Pump Edition.mp3

Need a high energy to mix to workout to?? This is the mix for you. The third mix in this series features house, electro and club remixes to popular songs to keep you going. Enjoy!!!!!

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Private Ryan Presents Soca Brainwash 2011 Pre Carnival Edition.mp3

This 2 hour megamix will prepare you for Trinidad Carnival 2011 like NO other mix. You will get an idea of all the songs that are out for Carnival so when you hit the fetes you will be fully prepared. Enjoy!!!!!

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Dirty Dozen Jouvert 2011 Canboulay Promo Mix (Mixed by Private Ryan) .mp3

The sequel to the very popular Dirty Dozen Jouvert promo series. Gets you ready for j'ouvert on the road with one of Trinidads best new bands to hit the road!! Enjoy

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