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Private Ryan Podcast

What an end to an interesting 2020. Staying with tradition I threw together some of the best dancehall, hip hop, afrobeat, soca, reggae, pop and more into one long play mix.

URemember 2020, the musical vaccine is here.

Note that this mix is RAW

Enjoy and Happy New Year!!!

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Was playing around with some music this week when I got a little free time. I pressed record and this is the result.

Just a free flow of music old and new. Enjoy!!

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The Press Play Quarantine chronicles continue with this mix here. Features an eclectic mix of music from new dancehall,afrobeat,soca and more. It keeps the energy flowing through all genres. Artistes such as Wizkid, Burna Boy, Master KG, Kerwin Dubois, Erphaan Alves, Patrice Roberts, Shenseea, Vybz Kartel, Jada Kingdom, Bad Bunny, J Balvin and more are on this.

Just press play and enjoy!!

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Today I present to you a mixtape collaboration I did alongside soca artiste Erphaan Alves. As he celebrates his birthday here is a mixtape of many of his soca hits you may have forgotten. Includes a new track I produced for him today as well!!.


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Another mix by popular demand has returned. One hour of strictly 2020 popular dancehall. Includes hits from Jamaica as well as the Trinidad movement that is making waves across the Caribbean right now. Note that this mix is 100% RAW

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By popular demand I bring part 2 to the SUNDAZE mix series. Some mellow vibes on a Sunday with a mixture of various genres. Mellow out and enjoy your Sundaze!!!

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We are still inside for the most part so lets continue the fun with the Press Play Quarantine series. Lots of music in the mix on this volume 10 including new soca, old dancehall, hip hop, afrobeat and more.

Press Play and enjoy!!

Lots more to come soon. Mix is clean

12 Years straight of doing this mix as I celebrate my birthday with music every year. Several genres in the mix as I flow through music I felt like playing at the time. Mix features variety such as Burna Boy, Bruno Mars, Machel Montano, Master KG, Drake, Kranium, Shenseea, Tarrus Riley, Teejay, Lila Ike, Protoje, Lil Rick, Supercat and so many more.

Diversity is key in this mix!! Enjoy!!

Songs are RAW

A little recap of some of the mainstream tracks in rotation from Summer 2020, was a very different summer indeed but nonetheless here is the music!! Features, Drake, Da Baby, Justin Bieber, Harry Styles, BTS, Koffee, Pop Smoke, Megan the Stallion and more.

Press Play and enjoy.

Made this clean as many of you are still home with your children!!

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A little Sunday Freestyle for you today. Kept it mellow and flowing through various genres. Enjoy!!

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Press Play Quarantine Volume 9 (Tune Entanglement) is out now!! Lots of music featured on this mix. Soca, reggaeton, Trini dancehall, RNB, Hip Hop and more all in one mix. We are still inside staying safe so just press play and enjoy!!

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Summer Bunny 2020 is out now. Features some billboard and mainstream hits in the mix. Artistes such as Da Baby, Bad Bunny, The Weeknd, Buju, Burna Boy, Megan Stallion, Pop Smoke, Lady Gaga and more. Just in time for the summer enjoy!!

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Press Play Quarantine Volume 8 is an all soca edition. Some soca songs to make the ladies bubble a bit. Press play and enjoy!!

Press Play Quarantine series continues. Some house, afro remixes and pop mixed with some other musical treats on this one!! Great for a different type of home workout. Press play and enjoy

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The Press Play Quarantine series continues with volume 6. Another blend up of music from around the world to vibe to, this time was start it off with some spanish vibes and continue from there. Press play and joy!!

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Press Play Quarantine Volume 5 is out now. Yet another mix up of hits in various genres. Press Play and enjoy!!!!

Some 4/20 reggae vibes for your Monday! Enjoy some of the older and newer generation of herbalist music reggae style. Enjoy!

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This edition of the Press Play Play Quarantine mixes features some mellow vibes. From reggae to RNB to Soca I take you through some easy going vibes to take you through your time at home. Press Play and enjoy!!!

While we wait indoors here's another edition of the Press Play Quarantine series. This one features on some 70's, 80's, Reggae, RNB, Soca and more. Press play and enjoy!!

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We are still all inside so lets groove to another Press Play Quarantine mix!!!

Volume 2 of Press Play the Quarantine edition!!!

All kind of genres in the mix. Press play and enjoy!!

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Press Play Quarantine Volume 1 is out now!. One hour of various genres to keep you company at home. Features dancehall, afrobeat,soca, reggae tone, remixes, old rob and more. Press Play and enjoy!!

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BODYHEAT returns after being on a mix hiatus for a while. I decided to bring it back as it has been highly requested for those gym workouts with a different type of flavour. Features Dance, EDM, Remixes, Soca, Reggaeton and other genres in a 58 minute non stop mix. Press Play and enjoy!!

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Strictly the best of Trinidad Carnival 2020. Only the hits you were guaranteed to hear at all the parties, radio and on the road. Cure that post carnival depression and relive the memories.

1.Conch Shell Road Mix - Machel Montano, Iwer & Skinny Fabulous 

2.Stage Gone Bad - Kes & Iwer
3.Pick A Side - Kes & Erphaan
4.Ramp Up - Kerwin Dubois & Machel
5.Brace - Machel Montano
6. Swing - Nadia Batson
7.Bop - Noyde Glo & Sscatta
8.Chupid Gal - Khalifa
9.I Aint See - Trinidad Ghost
10. Thankful - Olatunji
11.Bun Up - Shal
12. Born So - Problem Child
13. Is we - patrice roberts
14.One Miniute Extra - Bunji Garlin
15. Dive - Fay Ann
16.Nasty Up - Problem Child
17. Rukshun - Lyrikal
18. Magic - Kes x Jimmy October
19. Slow wine - Machel x Afro B
20.Headshot - Ravi B
21.Talking that talk - Machel Montano
22. Colours - Machel Montano
23.Super Soca - Machel Montano & Vybz Kartel
24.Top Rankin - Shal Marshall
25. Remove Yuhself - Blaxx
26.Outside - Ding Dong
27.Waste Man - Sekon Sta
28.Birthday Song - Mical Teja
29. Real Woman - Patrice Roberts
30. Carry on - Patrice Roberts
31. Feel it - Problem Child
32. Play Harder - Machel Montano
33.Jamdong - Kes
34. 10_10 - LFS Music
35. Thanks for the love - Kes
36.No Tomorrow - Kerwin & Adanna
37. Private Party Lyndsay
38. Ms Carnival - Voice & Keone
39.Drogba Remix - Machel & Afro B
40. Boss Lady - Kes 
41. Mid Section - Marzville
42. Shots - Motto
43. Naked - Skinny Faulous
44. Who Pay - Sekon Sta & Salty
45.Fire - Sekon Sta
46. Love Rum - Bubba
47. Tambourine - Nutron
48. That no Feelings - Motto x Nessa
49.No Scene - Lyrikal
50. Woman Company - Dev
51. Hot Gal Soca - Shal
52. Kiss - Nadia Batson
53. Creme De La Creme - Teddyson John
54. X games Marfan Road Mix - Teddyson John x Private Ryan
55. Sauce Marfan Road mix - Sekon Sta x Private RYan
56. Middle Marfan Road Mix - Angela Hunte x private Ryan
57.Dushi - Kes
58.Happy Song - College Boy jesse
59.Soca Feeling - Christo
60.Spash - Patrice x Nessa
61. Hot Gal - Jus D
62. Bend Yuh Back - Skinny fabulous
63.Boss Wine - Machel Montano x Salty
64.Looking for China - Bunji Garlin
65. Two Knee - Shal Marshall
66.Back Seat Ride - Problem Child
67.Buss A Wine - Bunji & fay Ann
68 Stink - Lyrikal
69.Rum & soca - Destra
70. More Soca - Nailah Blackman
71 The Struggle - Bunji Garlin
72. Dear Promoter - Voice x Kes
73. Reason to Love - Kes x Private Ryan
74. Feel the Love - Freetown Collective
75.Bottle Over Head - Trini boy jocose
76. Dy Zess - Trinidad killa
77. Wrong Again - Skinny canton
78. Rum & Pum Pum - Lavaman
79. Stink Behaviour - Machel 7 teddy Rhymes
80.Stink Face - Kerwin Dubois
81. Take Jam - Imani Ray
82. Yuh Bad - Preedy
83.West Indian - Alison Hinds
84. Fatt - Nadia Batson
85. Do Like Dat - Lyrikal
86. So Bad - Ricky T
87.Up & Up - Skinny Fabulous
88. Drinkin all day - Hollywood HP
89. Feeling it - Swappi
90.Jumbie Head - Swappi x Ultimate Rejects
91.Bam Bam - Nailah Blackman
92. Happy Carnival - Patrice Roberts
93.Iz Dat Yuh Like - Smooth
94.No Standing Up - Preedy x Private Ryan
95. Bumper Murderer - Kerwin Dubois & Mical Teja
96.Everytime - Machel Montano
97.Break A Branch - Motto x Bunji Garlin
98.Block Away - Bunji Garlin
99.Soca Trend
100.Run Up and Down - Ding Dong x Mr Killa
101. Captain - Hey Choppi
102. Drunky - Kerwin Dubois


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Soca Brainwash Vision 2020 is out now. 3 hours of 2020 soca to learn in time for Trinidad Carnival. Features the songs that are in rotation on the radio, parties and podcast.


1. No Standing Up - Preedy x Private Ryan

2. Bumper Murderer - Mical Teja x kerwin Dubois
3. Ramp Up - Kerwin x Machel Montano
4. Brace - Machel Montano
5.Bun Up - Shal
2. Born So - Problem Child
7.Hurricane - Terra D Governer
8. Is We- Patrice Roberts
9. Nasty Up - Problem Child
10. Ruckshun - kes x iwer George
11. Conch Shell - Machel x iwer x kes
12. Stage Not Good - Kes x Iwer
13. Pick a Side - Kes x Erphaan Alves
14. Thankful - Olatunji
15. Bop - Noydie Glo x Scatter
16. Stupid Bounce - Dash
17. Chupid Gal - Khalifah
18.I Ain't See - Trinidad Ghost
20. One Minute Extra - Bunji Garlin
21. Dive - Fay Ann Lyons
22. Soca Storm - Mr Killa
23 King of the Party - Mr Killa
24. Run Up and Down - Ding Dong x Mr kills
25. More Soca - Nailah Blackman
26  Struggle  - Bunji Garlin
27. Buss a Wine - Bunji & Fay Ann
28. Cupid - Nessa Preppy
29. Stink - Lyrical
30.Rum and Soca - Destra
31. Reason To Love - Private Ryan x kes
32 Feel the Love - Private Ryan x Freetown
33. Dear Promoter - Kes x Voice
34. Bottle Over Head - Trini Boi jolie
35. Wrong Again - Skinny Banton
36. Rum and Pum Pum - Lavaman
37. Dy Dess - Trinidad Killa
38 Home - Ptenrsky
39. Jouvert - Turner
40.Coulda Leave Me - Mr Famous
41. House in Valsayn - Mr Famous
42. West Indian - Alison Hinds
43. Always Bend Over - King Bubba
44. Yuh Bad - Preedy
45.Take Jam - Imani Ray
46. Stink Face - Kerwin Dubois
47. Do Like Dat - Lyrikal
48.So Bad - Ricky T
49. Drinking All Day - Hollywood HP
50. Fatt - Nadia Batson
51. Up & Up - Skinny Fabulous
52.Bacchanal Army - Skinny Fabulous
53. Fete Boss - Skinny Fabulous
54.Soca Nice - Vgn
55.Feeling - Ultimate Rejects & Swappi
56.Jumbie Head - Ultimate Rejects & Swappi
57. Bam Bam - Nailah Blackman
58. Happy Carnival - Patrice Roberts
59. Iz Dat She Like - Smooth
60. Everytime - Machel Montano
61. Soca Trends - Skinny Fabulous
62. Break A Branch - Motto & Bunji
63. Block Away - Bunji Garlin
64.SLow it Down - Nutron
65. Proud - Kes
66.Ben Up - Mical Teja
67 Swing - Nadia Batson
68. Oye Oye - Mr Legz
69. Facts & Machel Montano 
67.Wet - Dev & jus Now
68.Dutty Clean - Nailah & Destra
69. Sun Goes Down - Precision Productions
70.SLow Down - Machel & Afro B
71. Magic - Kes x Jimmy October
72.HEadshot - Ravi B
73. Captain - Hey Chopp1
74.Talking That Talk - Machel
75. Love Potion - 5 Star Akil
76.Hotter Than Them - Christo & Stig
77.Drunky - Kerwin Dubois
78.REmove Yourself - Blaxx
79. Top Ranking _ Shal
80. Birthday Song - Mical Teja
81. Real Woman - Patrice Roberts
82.Waste Man - Sekon Sta
83. Outside - Ding Dong
84.Breathe - Sizzdub & Mole
85. Tek Position -  Sk
86. Big Batty Gal - Lil Rick & Mr lex
87. It Aint Me - Lil Rick
88. Super Soca - Machel &  Kartel
89. Feel Good - Konshens
90.Feel it - Problem Child
91. Play Harder - Machel
92. Feel It - Patrice Roberts
93. The Sound - Bunji Garlin
94.Good Oye - Rome
95. Woman & party - Turner
96. Canboulay - Blaxx
97.One Mission - Nadia Batson x Voice
98.Honest Dollar - Voice
99. Rock this place - Skinny Fabulous
100.I Love you - Machel Montano
101.Co Sign - Lil Bitts & Nappy
102.No Tomorrow - Kerwin Dubois & Adanna
103. Private Party - Lyndsey
104. Ms Carnival - Voice X Keone
105.10 - LFS Music
106.Genuine - Nailah Blackman
107.Thanks for the Love - Kerwin Dubois
108. Jamdong - Kes
109.Boss Lady - Kes
110. Mid Section - Marzville
111. Shots - Motto
112 Naked -Skinny Fabulous
113. Drogba Remix - Afro b & Machel Montano
114.Sauce Road Mix - Sekon Sta
113. X Games Road Mix - Teddyson John
114 Middle Road Mix - Angela Hunte
115.Fair Sah - Hypa Sounds
116.Tambourine - Nutron
117.I Love Rum - King Bubba
118.Fire Blaze - Sekon Sta 
119. Who Pay - Sekon Sta & Salty
120.look She Dey - Juby
121. For Cup - Yankee Boy
122.Hold Me Close - Jadel
123. Kiss - Nadia Batson
124.Woman Company - Dev
125. Hot Gal Soca - Shal
126.No Scene - Lyrikal
127.Toat Feelings - Nessa Preppy & Motto
128.Pull Up - Nessa Preppy & Salty
129. Gih Dem - Machel Montano
130. Touch pan D Floor - Blackboy
131. Mix Up - Sly
132 Man With Ride - Motto x Blackboy
131 Creme D La Creme - Teddyson John
132. Vice - Dev
133 Bend Yuh Back - Skinny Fabulous
134.Hot Gal - Jus D
135 - Splash - Patrice X Nessa
136.Dushi - Kes
137. Showtime - Nailah & Sekon Sta
138.Go Dung - Ding Dong
134 Soca Feeling - Christo
135. Hold Me - Charley Blacks
136.Boss Wine - Machel x Salty
137. Bad Gal Section - Konshens
138. Engine Room - Nailah Blackman
139. Looking for China - Bunji
140. Jiggle It - Olatunji
141. Daddy Reach - Kerwin x Destra
142. Wishlist - Kerwin Dubois
143. Soca Global - Erphaan Alves
144.Soca Takeover - Kes
145. Potential - Voice
146. Go Down - Sadiki & Tim Tim
147. Two Knee - Shal
148. Show Me - Fadda Fox
149. Back Seat Ride - Problem Child
150 -Back it up Gal - Notoxie ft Freezy
151.We ot Dey - Shal x busy
152.Skinny Fabulous - Different person
153 Flava - Problem Child
152 Warming up - Adam O x AkaiiUsweet
153. Juice - Pumpa
154.Do Wha Yuh Want - Tian Winter
155.Right Down - 5 star Akil
156.We Are One - Destra x Olatunji
157 Kes - Dey Want Soca
158 Omalay - Super blue x Ravi B
159. Stink Behaviour road mix - Machel Montano & Teddy Rhymes
160 Fete with mid dahlia - Farmer Nappy
161Lost in Translation - Kes
161. Gimmi D Road - Destra x Calypso rose
162.After Hours - Farmer Nappy
163 Chingee - Coming Down
164Throw Back Ting - Kes x Terri Lyons
165 Colours _ Machel Montano
166.Sometimes - Lead Pipe 
167Kitay Sa - Teddyson John
168.Happy Song - College boy Jesse
169 Sugah - Wadicki
170 Party Ram Turner
171 Sweet and Loco - Nailah
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Soca Starter 2020 has arrived. The first wave of Soca 2020 soca hits to get used to!!! The Carnival season in Trinidad started off with many groovy offerings and these are the first set of songs to learn before we get more releases coming soon!!!

Press play and enjoy the first wave of Soca 2020!!!

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