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Private Ryan Podcast
Private Ryan Presents Soca 2012 Sampler (Preview to Soca Brainwash 2012)

A preview of some of the soca hits out now for 2012. Includes Machel Montano, Patrice Roberts, Bunji Garlin, Chuckie, Tc, Shal, Devon Mathews, Farmer Nappy, Erphaan Alves, Kerwin Dubois, Kees and alot more. This is just a preview of whats to come on the Soca Brainwash 2012 2 hour megamix. Also has an exclusive sneak peak of the new Red Bull Riddim by Precision productions who also did the Antilles featuring Destra, Bunji, Tian Winters and more. Enjoy!!!

Private Ryan Presents I Love Music (80s Baby Edition)

The continuation of the I Love Music series. This one features some hits from the 80s. Includes hits from Bryan Adams, Sugar Hill Gang, Van Halen, Madonna, Michael Jackson, George Michael. Blondie. Stevie Wonder, Berlin, Prince, Cameo, U2, Earth Wind and Fire, Sting and much more. Enjoy the trip back to the 80s.

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Live in Barbados on November 29th 2011 for Roast Mi Gras. Here is the promo mix I did for the event featuring a mix of Pop, Soca, Hip Hop and Dancehall.

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Private Ryan Presents Bienvenido A Miami 2011 Miami Carnival Edition (Hosted by Walshy Fire of Black Chiney)

All of the new soca hits in time for Miami Carnival 2011. Features hits from Antigua, St Vincent Barbados, Trinidad and more.

Private Ryan Presents Private Ryan VS The Music 3 (September 15th Birthday Edition)

As I celebrate my birthday I present the third edition to one of the most versatile mixtapes you will find on the web. Every year I do this mix and play what I feel as I challenge myself to transition through many genres seamlessly. This mix has R&B, Hip Hop, Rock, Dubstep, Pop, 80s & 90s classics, reggae, dancehall, latin, reggaeton and more in the mix. Enjoy

Private Ryan Presents the Best of Summer Mainstream 2011

The best of Summer 2011 Mainstream hits all in an hour and twenty minutes. This mix is clean and includes pop and hip hop hits all in the mix.

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Private Ryan Presents The Best of Summer Dancehall 2011

The best dancehall hits of summer 2011 all in one megamix. Is 99% edited so can be played in many different scenarios. Enjoy!!!

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BLISS Launch Promo Mix (Mixed by Private Ryan)

An hour long promo featuring Soca 2011 hits along with those of yesteryear with some dancehall and pop in the mix. Teaser for BLISS Carnival 2012.

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TRIBE Launch Promo Mix (Mixed by Private Ryan).mp3

TRIBE Carnival launches this Saturday July 23rd. Features an hour of Soca and Pop hits in the mix as we party and celebrate the launch of Trinidad's number 1 band for Carnival.

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Private Ryan Presents Summer Bunny 2011 (clean).mp3

Mainstream hits for the summer. The follow up to the very popular Spring Chicken 2011.

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Nirvana Promo (Premium Drinks Inclusive June 22nd on the stage) Mixed by Private Ryan.mp3

30 min promo mix for Nirvana premium drinks inclusive to be held June 22nd on the Savannah Stage in Trinidad. It's a mix that gives a taste of the variety and difference in music to be featured on the night. Be there!!!

Private Ryan Presents the Dancehall 2011 Summer Sampler (RAW)

Some of the dancehall 2011 hits in rotation on the radio and in the parties in the lead up to summer. Note that this mix contains the explicit versions of the songs so be cautious when playing amongst sensitive ears.

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C'est La Vie 2011 Promo (clean) (Mixed by Private Ryan) .mp3

C'est La Vie 2011 Promo mix. This party takes place May 28th 2011 in Barbados. Features dancehall, soca,pop and hip hop. All versions of songs used are clean.

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Private Ryan Presents the 25 min Destra Gym Mix (2001 - 2011)
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Private Ryan Presents Spring Chicken 2011.mp3

Just a taste of all the new mainstream, top 40 and club hits for 2011. Features pop, hip hop, R&B  and electro hits all in an hour long megamix. All songs are clean. Enjoy!!!

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Private Ryan Presents Post Carnival Relief 2011.mp3

Only the best hits for Trinidad Carnival 2011. In an hour and 20 minutes you are sure to hear all your favourites to relieve the carnival withdrawal. Enjoy!!!

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Private Ryan Presents BODYHEAT 3 The Fist Pump Edition.mp3

Need a high energy to mix to workout to?? This is the mix for you. The third mix in this series features house, electro and club remixes to popular songs to keep you going. Enjoy!!!!!

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Private Ryan Presents Soca Brainwash 2011 Pre Carnival Edition.mp3

This 2 hour megamix will prepare you for Trinidad Carnival 2011 like NO other mix. You will get an idea of all the songs that are out for Carnival so when you hit the fetes you will be fully prepared. Enjoy!!!!!

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Dirty Dozen Jouvert 2011 Canboulay Promo Mix (Mixed by Private Ryan) .mp3

The sequel to the very popular Dirty Dozen Jouvert promo series. Gets you ready for j'ouvert on the road with one of Trinidads best new bands to hit the road!! Enjoy

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Private Ryan Presents The Machel Montano 25 Minute Gym Mix (2002 - 2010).mp3
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Private Ryan Presents The Best of 2010 Megamix (RAW) .mp3

A 2 hour megamix of the 2010 dancehall, soca, pop, mainstream top 40, reggae and hip hop in one continuous mix. Enjoy!! Contains RAW versions of songs.

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Private Ryan Presents The Soca 2011 Sampler (20 mins).mp3

A 20 Minute sample of the Soca 2011 hits out so far.

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