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Private Ryan Podcast

Was cruising through some music the other night and decided to make a new series. Just an eclectic blend of music, no talking, less drops and sound effects. Great for a lounge vibe and is mid paced as oppsoed to the Press Play series. Take a listen and enjoy!!

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This mix was actually done in October right after Miami Carnival even though I never made an official mix this year but was never uploaded to the site. Better late than never though! Learn some of these songs as we gear up for Soca Starter, Soca Brainwash and Trinidad Carnival. As usual this mix focused on the islands and some of the new releases at the time.

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Private Ryan VS The Music series returns. Usually out in September for the birthday celebrations but definitely not forgotten. As usual this mix takes you on a journey seamlessly through genres using wordplay and unique transitions. Enjoy!

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The continuation of the SOCA BABY series as we gear up for the first ever SOCA BABY cruise in Trinidad carnival as well as Stage 2 at Soca Brainwash. These mixes are a reminder of all the great soca we have had over the years. This mix covers the years 2014 to 2016 in one almost 3 hour megamix of hits. Enjoy!!!

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The PRESS PLAY series continues with yet another edition. You know how we mix up the genres in one smooth flow. Press Play and enjoy!!

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Summer 2022 couldn't pass by without the iconic soundtrack for the Summer. The follow up to Spring Chicken is here featuring some of the best Mainstream tracks for the second half of the season. Listen to them both and enjoy!

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Just a preview of some of the Soca hits from around the islands to get accustomed to before October. Songs from Vincy, Grenada, Antigua, St Lucia, Trinidad and more. Enjoy!!

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A preview of the SUGAR Riddim to be released on June 10th, 2022 on all platforms. Take a listen to this sweet soca groove for the summer produced by Dj Private Ryan of BATTALION Music.

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Press Play Back Outside (Episode 5) Summer Steam is live now. This one is RAW and uncut. Features some sneak previews as well. As usual press play and enjoy!!

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The ever popular Spring Chicken mix returns with a taste of the mainstream in rotation right now. Gives you a snippet of Spring with all the hot radio play songs at the moment. Enjoy!!!

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Press Play Fort Lauderdale is this weekend so I decided to just flow with some music as I practice and prepare to deliver some musical vibes alongside my dj friends. As usual Press Play and enjoy!!

We had no road festival this year but we are almost there. Some Soca 2022 hits to anticipate what will be a full season in the near future. Enjoy the energy

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Soca Brainwash 2022 is out now! Over 3 hours of non stop Soca that powered the 2022 Pod Carnival season in Trinidad. Enjoy!!
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Some more music to fuel our "outside" vibes. This is a nice mix of dancehall, afrobeat, soca, pop and hip hop. As usual Press Play and enjoy!!

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Some of the best tracks in dancehall, soca, hip hop, pop, top 40, latin and more for the year 2021. Let it play and enjoy!!!

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The "Carnival" season in 2022 is here and there is still no festival in Trinidad. That doesn't mean that there isn't a slew of soca music releases to keep the culture and spirit alive. Soca Starter is just a snippet of alot of the great music being presented by the hard working artistes and producers. Enjoy this first wave!

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