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Private Ryan Podcast

Soca Baby (The Veterans part 1) includes calypso classics from the great titans such as David Rudder, Sparrow, Kitchener, Explainer, Arrow, Tambu and many more. Enjoy the trip down memory lane!!

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45 minutes of some of the latest hits all in the mix. Features pop, dancehall, hip hop, rnb and soca. Just press play on this one.

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The summer has come and gone and its time to recap the hits dancehall style. Features all the popular dancehall riddims and artists for the summer and beginning of the last quarter. This mix is RAW. Enjoy!!

Its that time of year again where I release a mix of anything I want. Every year I challenge myself to just stand up and mix a range of genres live and transiton from one to the other for one complete soundtrack for people to enjoy. This mix features pop, soca, hip hop, moombahton, dubstep, electro, reggae, rock, spanish, remixes and more. 55 minutes live in the mix. Enjoy!!

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Every year on my birthday I record a mix that showcases me playing a diverse range of music all in one megamix. This is the sequel. Just press play and enjoy!!!

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All the best in mainstream hits for summer 2010. Hip hop, pop, house, electro, R&B in a high energy megamix. Enjoy!!!!

If you are a lover of R&B this mix is for you. Features many smooth R&B tracks in the mix. Enjoy!!

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